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If you would like to contact the Board members, use this form to submit your questions and comments.

Galen Creek Association at Lake Madrone
PO Box 883
Berry Creek, CA  95916

  • President is Patsy Oxford:  530-589-1143
  • Vice Pres is Sharon Landis
  • Secretary is Roberta Hammon
  • Treasurer is Dennis Nay

Galen Creek Association Parcel & Lots map (JPG) (PDF)

Articles of Incorporation of Galen Creek Association (PDF)

By-Laws of Galen Creek Association (PDF)

Declaration of Track Restrictions CCR's (PDF)

Annual Meeting:

There shall be a meeting of the members on the second Tuesday of July at 7:30PM at the Lake Madrone Ski Beach.

Home owners can request key cards and/or remote openers, in writing, from the Board of Directors at the above address.  The cost is $10.00 for key cards and $35.00 for remote openers.

Kathy Burlington-Nay:  tokabn@aol.com or phone (530) 891-1574

Mark Singleton: lakemadr@lakemadrone.com