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Memorial Day Activities

  • Saturday, May 28th, 9:30am, LMWD Board Meeting at the Ski Beach.
  • Sunday, May 29, 9am-12 pm, Community Work Day.  Hotdog luncheon will be provided for work volunteers following the work projects.

Independence Day Weekend

  • Saturday, July 2nd, Activities: breakfast, parade and games, horseshoes, BBQ and dance.
  • News Flash: A new DJ will be providing the tunes for the dance! Patsy Oxford has agreed to create a music list from input by Lake Madrone friends and neighbors who enjoy dancing.  This change will allow us to better meet the music and dance desires of our community. Thanks to Patsy for volunteering!  She will be speaking with community members over Memorial Day weekend to enlist input regarding our playlist.  Your input will make this first-of-a-kind dance event a big hit!

Labor Day weekend

  • Saturday, September 3rd, Potluck dinner and dance.


LMWD Officers for 2016:  President, Mike Sanford; Vice-Chair, Jess Vickery; Secretary, Tim Beers; Treasurer, Dennis Nay.  Jim Smith has been serving as Secretary and completed 8 years as a dedicated and very committed board member.  He has decided to step down.  We are grateful for the commitments of both Jim and his wife, Sue, in attending to lake matters and working with diligence in problem solving for the lake. Tim Casillas has agreed to serve in this vacant position.  Sincere thanks to the Smiths for their service and to Tim Casillas for joining the effort to preserve our wonderful lake community.


Gate Replacement:  Gate number 1 mechanism malfunctioned and was assessed by our gate company and the Board as in need of complete replacement.  After approximately 25 years of service the gate and system were simply worn out.  The installation of a new gate, motor, and battery should be completed by mid-March. 


Water Conservation:  Lake Madrone residents did a very good job of reducing water usage last year.  Unfortunately it looks like these restrictions will remain in place for 2016.  Please monitor you property for leaks and let Bodil know if you find any problems with pipes on your property.  Outdoor watering restrictions will remain in place.


Replacement of Water Tanks.   LMWD Board is researching and planning on replacement of the two aging redwood water tanks at our well site on Star Road.  The tanks are leaking and the County Health Department has made a recommendation that these two tanks be replaced. 


Grant Status for Repairs to Dam Outlet Pipe.  Lake Madrone Water District was awarded the grant funds, which will be used to reimburse our expenses incurred last year in the mandatory repair of the outlet pipe.  The Board has not yet received the funds from the government.


Inlet Cleanouts on Berry Creek and Galen Creek will likely take place in the fall of 2016 due to the amount of sediment washed down during the El Nino winter rains.  


Chipper Program: The free chipper service will be at Lake Madrone area during the second week of March and is available to you by calling Ron Sanford at 589-1034 to schedule, or the Butte County Fire Safe Council at 877-0984.


Your brush needs to be stacked with the butt-end facing toward the road in a pile no higher than 4 feet tall.  The pile must be accessible via vehicle and the chips will be blown back onto your property.   There is expected to be a second chipper visit to Lake Madrone before the summer fire season, (if fire season does not begin too early), so if you have not had a chance to get your property ready you still have time to do so.


Landscape Committee:  Residents may notice a slight change in the tree landscape near the boat ramp.  Lower branches of some redwood and cedar trees have been trimmed at their bases in order to open the view in this area and add a park-like atmosphere.  There are now shaded areas to enjoy under the boughs of the beautiful trees.


No Bear Club:  Ron Sanford, our local “Garbage Guru” would gladly give up this job and title to anyone willing to take it! You can call him at: (530)589-1034.  This community solution to the problem of bears breaking into garbage cans and littering the forest and roads with trash has been very successful at limiting the bear problem, but has also met with some challenges.

 Accounting issues are frustrating for Ron as some folks pay and some don’t.  If you use the Bear Club dumpster, please pay up!

The “best” location of this community dumpster is also up for discussion at the next Board Meeting.  Objections have been raised about the prominent display of the trash bins where currently located out on the point, in open view of almost all lake-side residents.  Increased traffic, dust, and the loud bang of the lid, are a few of the additional issues for those living near the dumpster area. If you have input or can help in any way please contact Ron or a Board member, or offer your input at the next Board meeting on Saturday March 26, 2016, at 9:30am.  The meeting is being held at the Nay residence at 380 Lakeside Way. 


Jim Toland passed away last November.  The Toland family was one of the very first families to settle at Lake Madrone. Jim spent many decades of his life vacationing at Lake Madrone acquiring many very fond memories of the mountains and local and regional history. Jim loved the lake and the Madrone community.  As a licensed forester Mr. Toland was helpful offering information about problem trees and about tree management and plantings at the Lake.  Our condolences go out to Jim’s many family members. 

Next LMWD Meeting:  Saturday, March 05, 2016, at the Nays residence: 380 Lakeside Way.

Lake Madrone Bark: Kathy Burlington-Nay, (530) 570-1299.

To receive an electronic copy of the Lake Madrone Bark please email Teresa Singleton at teresamarie2632@gmail.com