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5/24/14 Saturday   Board Meeting, Ski Beach, 9:30am.  PLEASE ATTEND!

You are strongly urged to attend this very important meeting where district finances will be discussed. The primary topic will be the cost of repairing the water outlet pipe at the dam.  Every property owner should be aware of the cost of this required expensive repair and how decisions the Board is making will impact property owners and result in other budgetary adjustments. This topic will be first on the agenda with the remainder of the regular board meeting to follow.

5/25/14 Sunday.  Community workday: 9am, until approximately noon.    

Please meet at the Ski Beach. Please bring gloves and wear protective clothing. Bodil will assign work crews.

12 noon:   A hotdog luncheon will be provided by the Cookout Crew for those who worked on behalf of the community.


JULY 4TH WEEKEND: The community will actually celebrate on Saturday, July 5th.

8:30am-9:45 am: Community Breakfast at Ski Beach area. Pancakes, ham and eggs, juice and coffee will be provided.  Price TBA

10:00am Flag Salute and sing with Parade to Kiddie Beach to follow.  Children’s Games will be at the Kiddie beach. Patriotic dress and decoration of scooters, wagons, strollers, etcetera are encouraged

10:30   Horseshoe Tournament at Ski Beach: Signups at breakfast.

3pm: Sand Castle event At Kiddie Beach.  Everyone gets a prize! All ages encouraged to play.

6pm-7:45pm: Tri-tip Dinner:  Catered by the Happy Viking Restaurant owned and operated by Sabrina and Joey Federico, in Yuba City. Price TBA

8pm-11:00: Dance:  with DJ Lenny.




LABOR DAY WEEKEND Dinner/Dance (Saturday, August 30th at Ski Beach.)

6:30pm-7:45pm Hamburger/Hotdog BBQ and Community Potluck

                Each family is asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share with the community.  Condiments, burgers and hotdogs and fixings are provided. Price TBA.   Drinks are not provided so please bring drinks for your family.

8pm-11pm:  Dance with DJ Lenny.



Board Members for 2014:  Mike Sanford (President), Jim Smith (Vice-President), Teresa Singleton (Secretary), Dennis Nay (Treasurer), and Roger Williams (Member)

                We extend our sincere thanks to John Raymond for 8 years of dedicated service on the LMWD Board. He has spent a great deal of time and effort working on many projects and most recently playing a leading role in dealing with the outlet pipe repair over the last 2 years.  He plans to stick with the project until its completion and we are very grateful for that effort and his “get-it-done” attitude.

                Roger Williams has stepped down as Board President after many years of excellent service to the community and remains on the LMWD as a Member.  His leadership has strengthened the board and facilitated many improvements at the lake.  Roger’s humor and tact have lead us through some rough spots. His business experience and communication skills have served as a strong base in working with our legal counsel and in developing budgets to set the stage for the future preservation of Lake Madrone. He has put in an incredible amount of time, effort and expertise into our community and we are tremendously grateful to him and wife, Debbie, for this lengthy and extreme commitment.

Pipe Repair at the Dam:  Our water outlet pipe going through the dam has deteriorated over many years.  The State of California Department of Dam Safety is requiring that we fix the leaking pipe this year.  The Board has been working for 2 years to collect the required environmental reports, engineering and now finally obtaining construction bids so that we can select a company to get the project done late this summer.  The project will require the lake to be lowered to allow work at the base of the dam.  This will be done as late in the summer as possible for recreation purposes and fire suppression; however, it is possible the lake may have to be lowered in early August.  As soon as the Board is aware of a date that they must lower the water it will be posted on the web and on the kiosks so that you can make your plans accordingly.

                *Please come to the Memorial Day Board Meeting on 5/24 (Saturday) at 9:30am at Ski Beach so that you may hear the details of this project, offer input, or ask questions that you may have.  This project is very expensive and as property owners we are paying a hefty price for this repair:  You need to be aware of these costs and be aware of the actions the Board is taking on behalf of our community. This is a special opportunity for you to be informed of decisions your Board is making and their rationales for these decisions. This item will be first on the agenda for the meeting with the remainder of the board meeting to follow.

Drought and Water Conservation:  The drought is affecting Lake Madrone ground water to some extent.  Ground water levels in wells which are monitored monthly are slowly dropping.  This is a “trend” not a “disaster” however, we are all being asked to REDUCE our water use as much as possible and minimize yard watering. Please repair any leaking water lines or faucets ASAP. Please voluntarily conserve water wherever you can.

Aquatic Weed Suppression:   Required State permits have been submitted which will allow us to do the treatments needed to keep our lake weeds at a minimum: The permit has been granted.

Annual Inlet Cleanout:  Berry Creek and Galen Creek inlets are dredged annually to prevent silt from filling up in the center of our lake.  The Board is hopeful that this can be done again this coming fall, however, they will need to consider the cost of the dam pipe project and the amount of silt present in the inlets in order to make that budgetary decision: The decision is therefore pending.

Fire Prevention:  There has been extensive fire prevention work done in the Berry Creek area through the Berry Creek Fire Council.  They received several grants and have completed many acres of brush clearing.  Anything that benefits our neighbors also benefits us as an adjacent community! Please do your part by raking and clearing you property ASAP.  In this drought year it is critically important that you take care of your property early!  Please don’t wait until June to get started.  If you have brush to dispose of there is a free chipper service: Call 877-0984 to schedule an appointment.


Landscaping Committee.  The History Wall project at Ski Beach is nearing completion.  Contact Robert Rogers in May if you want to purchase a brick to have engraved for the wall.  Phone (530) 589-3031.



Carmelita Adams-Antes of Gridley passed away this winter at the age of 94 years. Carmelita is remembered as the wonderfully witty, very active and fun-loving matriarch of the Adams, Casillas, Ramage, Cullen and Jeffers families, all of whom have cabins at the Lake.  She leaves behind an extensive family who loved her dearly and will always have so many wonderful memories of her zest for life and her love for each of them. Carmelita also shared deep, lifelong friendships with many in the Gridley area.  She is truly missed by all of us who are so very lucky to have known her.  We are grateful for the many wonderful things that “Carm” and husband John Adams did during the 1950’s and 60’s to help maintain the Lake. Carmelita truly loved Lake Madrone.

Stan Potoski of Gridley passed away lost month.  He and his wife Linda were Madrone residents several years ago.  They had their cabin for a number of years and loved the Lake.  Stan served on the LMWD Board and helped with many cookout events over the period of years they were at the lake.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Larry Patane of Gridley/Fort Bragg passed away recently of a heart attack.  Many of us recall that Larry was LMWD Board President for many years.  He did a wonderful job and was the first president to set up a long-term budgeting process. Larry was very active in establishing the Cookout Crew with his good buddies Sam Bass and Howard Scott.  Larry was present at many of the cookout events for years.  Larry put so much time, energy and personal expense into maintaining the Lake. Whenever a tractor was needed he would be hauling one up and doing the job himself no matter how many hours it required, and consistently refusing to be reimbursed for fuel costs.  I suspect he was always that way with friends too.  His memorial was very well attended by a wide variety of friends which included the Kingvale and Fort Bragg Caltrans crew members that he has worked with for many seasons. 

                We hope Larry’s family is comforted by so many friends and the knowledge that we at the Lake remember so many good times with him and are so grateful for all that he contributed over the years.  He will truly be missed.    

Memorial Fund:  Sedelia Tennant: (916)684-5611

Webmaster:  Mark Singleton:  lakemadrone@lakemadrone.com

History Wall:  Robert Rogers, after mid-May 2013: (530)589-3031

Lake Madrone Bark Newsletter:  Kathy Burlington-Nay (530)891-1574; 589-3289.

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