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End of an Era: As many of you know our very special Bodil passed away suddenly on February 12th at Oroville Hospital. Bodil leaves us after 39 years of dedicated service and profound commitment to Lake Madrone and its residents. Her depth of knowledge, physical strength and endurance, and ability to adapt to very difficult situations still amazes us all! We will gather to remember Bodil at a cocktail party on Saturday, May 27th, at 4pm, at the Ski Beach area. You are encouraged to bring a hors d’oeuvre to share and drink of your choice so that we can toast Bodil and share endearing memories of our time with her, as well as some of our unique interactions with Bodil. This is to be a celebration of a life “well lived” and toasts to a person with incredible determination and strength of character. The community work day on Sunday May 28th has been renamed in honor of Bodil: It is now titled the “Bodil Memorial Community Work Day” and will be extended from a half day event to an entire day in the effort to complete some special projects which will honor her memory and help our community recover from a very rough winter season.
(See “Memorial Corner” in this newsletter for further information about Bodil’s Life)


Memorial Day Activities

  • Saturday, May 27th, 9:30am, LMWD Board Meeting at the Ski Beach.
  • Saturday, May 27th, 4pm at the Ski Beach Area: Tribute to Bodil cocktail party, toasts and sharing memories. Please bring a hors d’oeuvre to share and drink of your choice for toasts to Bodil. You will be encouraged to share any fond or funny memories of times you shared with Bodil.
  • Sunday, May 28, 9am-4 pm, the Bodil Memorial Community Work Day. Hotdog luncheon will be provided for work volunteers following the work projects. The length of our work day has been extended to honor Bodil and in an attempt to complete many outstanding projects. A list of these projects and the name of the team leader for each project is being compiled.

Independence Day Weekend

  • Saturday, July 1st, Activities: breakfast, parade and games, horseshoes, BBQ and dance. Patsy Oxford (“P-Ox”) has graciously volunteered to be our dance DJ for a second time! She did a fantastic job last year and we are lucky to have her volunteer again. Patsy will be collecting your music requests prior the July activities!

Labor Day Weekend

  • Saturday, September 2nd, Potluck dinner and dance with DJ “P-Ox”!


LMWD Officers for 2017: President, Jess Vickery; Vice-Chair, Tim Beers; Secretary, Mike Sanford; Treasurer, Tim Casillas. Dennis Nay has resigned from the Board and is temporarily filling the maintenance position due to Bodil’s passing. The Board has begun to assess the type of position and job description for a future maintenance technician and will use the next few months to bring ideas into focus while completing several very large projects. Dennis Nay is coordinating four large projects at the lake and communicating via email with Board members on a daily basis informing them of the status on each project. He is also helping to identify what the District’s needs might be as we move forward following Bodil’s passing.

ROUGH WINTER AT THE LAKE: Hillside slump: A significant hillside “slip out” has occurred on Lakeside Way on the south side of the Lake. This occurred during the first of the season’s heavy saturating rains. Repairs began 3/13/17 and are well on the way to completion. Until repairs are completed, access to Lake Madrone properties around the lake is through gate #2.

Trees downed: 12 large trees have fallen under wet and very windy conditions. The majority of trees lost are ponderosa pine. Justin Rowles of Rowles Logging is taking the trees for us: the removal process began 3/9/17. He will return two weeks later to take the remaining fallen trees.

Broken water lines at Lakeside Way: 2 large pine trees fell on Lakeside Way near the intersection of Apple Hill Circle. The roots of one tree lifted and fractured a significant district 4” water line. The line has been repaired and the line thoroughly flushed. A second large 6” water line was broken during tree removal on Apple Hill Circle. Residents were without running water over night. The line was repaired, flushed, and water delivery to homes was achieved by noon the following day.

Sediment removal:
Channel cleanouts on Berry Creek and Galen Creek will be extensive this year due to the large amount of sediment washed down during heavy winter rains. The Board is working this into the overall sediment removal plan. Excavation in Galen Creek is taking place now; however water flows are too high to work on Berry Creek at this time.

Muck Removal” is a suction-type of silt removal technique the Board is planning to utilize in areas where previously used excavating equipment could not reach. This process will begin in April.

Replacement of Water Tanks. The two aging redwood water tanks at our well site on Star Road are in the process of being replaced with two steel tanks. This project will be completed by late spring and does not affect water delivery to cabins/homes. The steel tanks have been manufactured and the company is waiting for a break in the wet weather for demolition of the old tanks and placement of the two new 15 thousand gallon steel tanks.

Grant Status for Repairs to Dam Outlet Pipe: Lake Madrone Water District was awarded the grant funds to reimburse expenses incurred in 2015 during the mandatory repair of the outlet pipe. The Board has not yet received the funds from the government.

Speed Limit Change:
The speed limit on all Lake Madrone roads has been reduced to 10mph as a result of residents’ input. New signage will be posted soon.

Security Gates
: Gates #2 and #3 have had some operational issues this winter. Gate #2 will be serviced soon to correct the problem of “partial” opening. Gate #3 is being evaluated for replacement by the Board. Gate #3 has served us well for many years but is worn out, however, the District has many expenses this year so its operation will be monitored and the item left on the Board agenda for further consideration.


Chipper Program: The free chipper service will be at Lake Madrone area this spring and is available to you by calling Ron Sanford at 589-1034 to schedule, or you can call the Butte County Fire Safe Council at 877-0984. Make your calls as soon as possible to insure that you can take advantage of this free service.

Your brush needs to be stacked with the butt-end facing toward the road in a pile no higher than 4 feet tall. The pile must be accessible via vehicle and the chips will be blown back onto your property or chipped into a pile that you may deal with as you choose. There may be a second chipper visit to Lake Madrone before the summer fire season.

No Bear Club: Ron Sanford is our local “Garbage Guru”. If you would like to participate in this local service you can contact him at: (530)589-1034. The combination to the garbage club bin was change in February.


Dal Darracq
: It is with sadness that I report the passing of Dal Darracq this winter. The Darracq family has had a cabin on Berry Creek for many, many years. Mr. Darracq loved Lake Madrone very much. He particularly enjoyed walking around the lake with his wife and family, socializing at community events, and spending time at his cabin appreciating the beauty and sound of Berry Creek. Those of us lucky enough to know Dal will miss his gentle smile, sense of humor, and warm greeting; he will be missed. Our condolences go out to his family.

Bodil Krueger (Keech): Bodil was born in Denmark and is survived by a sister living in Denmark. Bodil worked and lived at Lake Madrone for 39 years. She started as an apprentice working with Fred Danz who was the previous Grounds Keeper. Bodil developed her role over the years to include management of the entire water system; all grounds maintenance, as well as coordinator of services needed from vendors outside the lake perimeter. Many of these vendors have expressed sadness and surprise at her passing and offered high praise for Bodil’s performance over the years they had contact with her. Bodil’s physical strength and endurance and her unique ability to solve problems have always amazed our residents! She often worked from early morning until dark, 7 days a week unless she took a break to go to the Farmer’s Market in Chico or Oroville. The word “vacation” was not in her vocabulary however there were a few trips to San Francisco to visit family and friends. Bodil could use every kind of yard maintenance equipment, including chain saws, and knew exactly the correct valve size, pipe fitting or coupling needed to solve a water line problem!

Bodil monitored each and every residence and would notify the owner if she noted a problem: She was often part the solution!

Bodil’s love for Lake Madrone was profound as we could see in her commitment to caring for the lake and its residents for so many years. Her passing is a great loss to our community and she will surely be missed for many years to come.

Next LMWD Board Meeting:
Saturday, March 25th, 9:30am, 2017, at 380 Lakeside Way.

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