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Independence Day Weekend Activities! July1st (Saturday)

8:30-9:45am: Breakfast. Cookout Crew provides ham, pancakes, and omelets plus coffee and juice. (Gin fizzes available also!)

10:00-10:30: Flag Salute and sing, followed by the Patriots Parade lead by Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam to the Kiddie Beach and games.

10:45-12pm: Kiddie Games at Kiddie Beach!

10-12pm: Horse shoe signups. The Nielsen Family is organizing this year’s games.

12 pm: Horseshoe games begin. Beer available!

3pm: Sand Castle Contest at Kiddie Beach: All ages encouraged to participate.

6:30pm-7:45pm: Tri-tip Dinner, salad, mac and cheese, will be provided by Joey and Sabrina Federico and Family of the Happy Viking Restaurant and Sports Bar in Yuba City, in conjunction with the Cookout Crew.

8pm-11pm: Dance with P-Ox (Patsy Oxford) as our DJ! She did a fantastic job last year and we are lucky to have her volunteer again. Patsy will be collecting your music requests prior the July activities! New paragraph

Labor Day Weekend: Saturday, September 2nd 2017

6:30-7:45pm: Potluck dinner at the Ski Beach picnic area.

8pm-11pm: Dance with DJ “P-Ox!


LMWD Officers for 2017: President, Jess Vickery; Vice-Chair, Tim Beers; Secretary, Mike Sanford; Roger Williams Treasurer; and Tim Casillas as Member. Dennis Nay has resigned from the Board and is temporarily filling the maintenance position due to Bodil’s passing. The Board has begun to assess the type of position and job description for a future maintenance technician and will use the next few months to bring ideas into focus while completing a few very large projects. Dennis Nay is coordinating the projects at the lake and is helping to identify what the District’s needs might be as we move forward following Bodil’s passing. Application for job opening: The Board has approved an application form for those interested in working for the district. Applications can be obtained from any Board member or Dennis Nay.

Hillside slump: Road repair was completed on the south side of the Lake. This project was done ahead of schedule and well under budget! Thank you Fairbanks Paving Company!

Trees downed: 12 large trees fell under wet and very windy conditions. Most have been removed; however, one tree remains down in the center part of the Lake. A contractor will be removing the tree and several large stumps ASAP. An attempt is being made to get a logger to take the long logs left from winter damage.

Sediment removal: Channel cleanouts on Berry Creek and Galen Creek will be extensive this year due to the large amount of sediment washed down during heavy winter rains. The Board is working this into the overall sediment removal plan. Excavation in Galen Creek took place; however water flows were too high to work on Berry Creek via excavator, so a new suction removal technique was tried. Sand removed by the suction technique is stacked on the north side of Berry Creek inlet, across from the Kiddie Beach area. Ongoing sand removal by truck will continue during the summer.

FEMA Funding: The Board applied for some of the emergency funding made available by the federal and state government agencies for “restoration” following the “disastrous” and damaging winter storm events. The agencies met with Jess Vickery, Ron Sanford, and Dennis Nay at the Lake. They reviewed the pictorial and financial evidence of our attempts to keep up with the annual sediment. The agencies verbally awarded us a large amount of funding for silt removal. The award has built-in deadlines for completion of the project. Mid-August is the first deadline. The Board will have to move with haste to get the project started. This means our summer with water in the Lake may be shorter than usual. We cannot predict the date at which the written award will be given, the contract bids handed in and contractors selected. De-watering of the Lake will take place ASAP when all the necessary steps have been completed.
Replacement of Water Tanks/ Water Conservation:
The two aging redwood water tanks at our well site on Star Road were replaced with two 20,000 Gal steel tanks. This replacement of smaller tanks sits beside our 100,000 gal tank already in existence in that area. Hopefully the new tanks will be online before July1st weekend. Bravo to the Board for this huge achievement! Please continue to conserve water and limit outdoor watering to no more than 2-3 times per week: Please note that any yard watering uses our drinking water!
Grant Status for Repairs to Dam Outlet Pipe: Lake Madrone Water District was awarded grant funds to reimburse expenses incurred in 2015 during the mandatory repair of the outlet pipe at the dam. The Board has not yet received the funds from the government.

Speed Limit Change: The speed limit on all Lake Madrone roads has been reduced to 10mph as a result of residents’ input. New signage is posted. Expect to be flagged down by your neighbors if you are driving too fast!
Water craft: Please label your water craft with your family name so that you can be contacted if there is a problem with your craft.


Chipper Program: the chipper program was closed, temporarily, due to lack of funding! Ron and Dennis have made every effort to haul and burn the extra material collected by residents for the Chipper Program. Thanks to all residents for their patience.

No Bear Club: Ron Sanford is our local “Garbage Guru”. If you would like to participate in this local service you can contact him at: (530)589-1034. The combination to the garbage club bin will be changed on July 1, 2017. Those who are up-to-date on payment will receive notice of the new combination. Bins are to be used for disposal of HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE ONLY: NOT CONTRUCTION MATERIALS, FURNITURE, or STOVE PIPE MATERIALS! No Electronics, TV’s, vacuum cleaners, garage chemicals or paint are allowed: Haul these non-household items through your own means.


Kathleen (Muccigrosso) White; Passed away in May. Kathleen was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter and sibling. She grew up spending summers at the family cabin, (Tolanda), on Cedar Path and made several visits every year since then to reconnect with family and friends. Kathleen is remembered for her positive and accepting attitude and also her warm smile. She deeply loved every single member of her large family, all animals, and especially her dogs. Kathleen’s gentle, caring and loving spirit will be missed by all who are lucky enough to have known her

Next LMWD Meeting: Saturday, June 24th, 2017; at 9:30 am at the Ski Beach Picnic area.

Lake Madrone Bark: Kathy Burlington-Nay, (530) 570-1299. To receive an electronic copy of the Lake Madrone Bark please email Teresa Singleton at teresamarie2632@gmail.com

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