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Labor Day Weekend:

9/5/15 Saturday, Potluck Dinner and Dance

6:30pm-7:45pm Community Potluck:  Each family is asked to bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to share with the community.  Whatever dish you bring please provide enough food to serve your entire group; in this way we will have enough volume of food for all the attendees.  Drinks are not provided so please bring drinks for your family.  Water, cups, plastic ware and paper plates/napkins will be provided.

*T-shirt sales will take place at this event.  You will be able to buy some of the few existing inventory and place orders for hats, shirts and sweatshirts with Pam and Dave Crandall.

8:00pm-11:00pm Dance with DJ Lenny (Funds for DJ given from Cookout Proceeds)


July 4th weekend was a huge success!  Many Thanks!

       Thanks to the many individuals who worked very hard to provide the fantastic meals, activities, and the fun family atmosphere.  It is amazing how things seem to magically “come together”, however we know there is a lot of planning and effort going into each aspect of the festivities.

  • Please recognize the tremendous efforts of the following individuals and their family members as well as other community volunteers for their commitments to our patriotic and very wonderfully unique community celebration!
  • Mike Dahl and Family for organizing the high energy Cookout Crew for preparation and serving of breakfast and dinner.
  • Joey and Sabrina Federico and Family for breakfast, dinner, and supplying beer wagon.
  • John Raymond and Family for breakfast and dinner cooking;
  • Others involved in cooking and serving were the King, Rudd, Owens, Ramage, Casillas, Jeffers, La Rose, Hicks and LaSalle families.
  • Earl Souza, Jeff and Arron Souza for Horseshoes;
  • Joan Daniels and Eric Gohlson as Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam;
  • Fran Zurilgen, Dennis and Kathy Nay for Flag Salute, Song Leading, and parade music;
  • Andrea and Jeff Smith and Family along with Nick and Katie Casillas and Family for the children’s’ games.  (*Funds for the prizes are given from the Cookout proceeds.
  • Pam Crandall and Cindy Casillas for sandcastle contest.
  • Pam and Dave Crandall for fund-raising efforts with sales of T-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts.
  • Apologies for anyone I missed! It does “take a village” to provide such a fantastic day full of events.


Current Board Members for 2015:  Mike Sanford (President), Tim Beers (Vice-President), Dennis Nay (Treasurer), Jim Smith (secretary) and Jess Vickery (member).  Jess Vickery has graciously agreed to serve on the Board.  He fills the vacancy left by Roger Williams.

            NOTE: Several Board positions will be vacant as of end of this year. Election of new members will take place in November.  Applications to become a Board member and to be considered for election are due to the Paul Minasian Law Office in Oroville by August 15, 2015.  Address: 1681 Bird Street, Oroville, California, 95965.  For any questions about the process call (530) 533-2885.                           

Drought and Water Conservation:  Ground water levels in our wells are slowly dropping.  Please continue to REDUCE your water use as much as possible and minimize yard watering. Outdoor watering remains restricted to two times per week. Please repair any leaking water lines or faucets ASAP.  We are doing a great job reducing water usage this summer. Thanks to all residents for you efforts:  Please keep up the good work!  Also thanks to Bodil who is very diligent about monitoring water lines and quickly repairing or notifying property owners when leaks occur.



  • Wild Life:  Please note that it is illegal to use firearms within the Lake Madrone boundary. This policy was adopted as a safety measure for all property owners.
  • Please note that it is illegal to kill wildlife without a permit from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  If you have a problem with any wild animals please contact Fish and Wild Life Services at (530)1 675-9344.
  • DOGS:  This is a reminder to ALL dog owners. Folks at the Lake are very sensitive about this topic!
  • Leashes are REQUIRED at the BEACHES where people are present, and when WALKING your dog
  • There is low tolerance for dogs off leash during the summer months! Loose pets scare children and adults, defecate and urinate at the recreation areas, and get in fights with other dogs.  You will be challenged if your dog is not on a leash at the beach or in other public gathering areas.
  • POOP!  ALWAYS pick up droppings from your pet! Expect to be challenged if you fail to do this! Please be a good neighbor and follow the rules.
  • Landscaping Committee.  The History Wall and Cookout Facilities. The history wall is completed.
  • The Cookout Committee is proceeding with plans to further develop cookout facilities (Ski Beach area) at the end of the wall in the area behind the basketball hoop. Mike Dahl is coordinating this project.
  • No Bear Garbage Club.   Ron Sanford is the club President of our community garbage service.  Community garbage was started because we had a bear problem with the trash totters attracting bears on Sunday evening and a lot of messy garbage scattered throughout the community Monday morning before the trash truck arrived at the lake.  Those who live at the Lake and are present to put their cans out in the morning just before the truck arrives have not had this problem.    If you would like to join the club or have questions about this option for your trash please call Ron at 589-1034. There are both Seasonal and Year Around rates. 

Lake Madrone Bark Newsletter:  Kathy Burlington-Nay (530) 891-1574; 589-3289.

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