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LMWD Board of Directors: Jess Vickory President; Roger Hodges, Vice-President; Tim Beers, Secretary; Roger Williams, Treasurer; and Michael Camodeca as board member.

New Lake Madrone Maintenance Supervisor: Mr. Geoff Rennie is the new Maintenance Supervisor for Lake Madrone as of January 2nd, 2018. Geoff’s wife, Donna, has been a vacation resident at the lake for many years. Geoff and Donna have been living in the Auburn area for several years prior to moving to Lake Madrone. They are both very happy about relocating to Lake Madrone.

Geoff has many skills that qualify him to care for the Lake water system and landscape needs of our community. He leaves Recology, (of Auburn), after 29 successful years of employment with that company.

Donna has an extensive history as an elementary school teacher prior to this move to Lake Madrone.

We are very fortunate to have two such capable and willing new residents working for the district and joining our community. Geoff and Donna are both energetic and enthusiastic individuals who have many fun ideas for community activities which they would like to share with us!
We would all like to offer a big “thank you” to Dennis Nay for his willingness to act as temporary maintenance person last February when Bodil passed away. The winter of 2017 was very rough for the grounds, roads, and water system at our lake. Dennis successfully met these challenges with patience, persistence, and the help of several local contractors and property owners who pitched in to help solve problems.

Memorial Day Activities
Saturday, May 26th, 9:30am, LMWD Board Meeting at the Ski Beach.
Sunday, May 27, 9am-12 pm, Community Work Day. Hotdog luncheon will be provided for work volunteers following the work projects.

Independence Day Weekend
Saturday, July 7th, Activities
: breakfast, parade and games, horseshoes, BBQ and dance. Patsy Oxford has graciously again volunteered to be our dance DJ! She has done a fantastic job in the past and we are lucky to have her do this for us again. Patsy will be looking forward to collecting your music requests prior the July activities!

Labor Day weekend
Saturday, September 1st, Potluck dinner and dance.
Patsy as our DJ too!

Polar Bear Plunge
Tuesday, January 1st, at 12 noon at Ski Beach; bring your own refreshment. Bonfire will be provided.

FEMA status: Board President, Jess Vickory, has worked throughout the winter months in communication with FEMA. It appears that we are very close to being awarded the money desperately need for sediment removal. Jess has also kept in touch with Clean Harbors, which is the contractor the Board selected for our project. The goal is to begin work as early as March 1st if all details can be worked out. The main goal is to have the work completed before June1st so that the Lake can be used by residents. Clean Harbors will need to be in the Lake for at least 2 weeks once the operation is started.

Please remain patient with the equipment and work process. .

Grant Status for Repairs to Dam Outlet Pipe. Lake Madrone Water District was awarded grant funds to reimburse our expenses incurred in 2015 during the mandatory repair of the outlet pipe. The Board has received a promise of “delivery of funds” in the very near future.

Sediment removal last fall: Channel cleanouts on Berry Creek and Galen Creek took place last fall. Trucking removal of the sand piles on the lawn (near the white bridge) will be delay until the lawn dries out enough for trucks to drive on it without sinking. Please be patient with the mess.

Book Exchange: The Raymond Family has generously donated and installed a “book exchange box” at the base of their driveway. This is called a “Lending Library” and allows neighbors to exchanged books freely and recycle book they have already read. Enjoy! Thanks Raymond Family!

No Bear (Garbage) Club: Donna Rennie is our new “Garbage Guru”. She has relieved Ron Sanford of the accounting and secretarial aspects of the job.

Special Thanks to Ron for creating this wonderful service which has helped our community remain beautiful and free of strewn trash due to bear activity.

Donna has already solved a minor garbage-related problem by ordering small red/green magnets for the bins! These magnets attach to the metal ring on the lid of each bin: “Green” means there is room left in the bin for your use; if the magnet is red then the bin is “full’. If you are the last to add to the bin and the bin is “full”, then please flip the magnet to the “red” side and attach to the mental ring, indicating that there is no more room in that particular bin. If you would like to participate in the No Bear Club please contact Donna at: (530) 589-1597.

Landscape Committee: The recent goal of this committee was to introduce more color in our local foliage. Four new trees have been planted by the members of this committee. Two of the trees are Sierra Redwoods; one tree is a Red Oak, while the fourth tree is a Scarlet Maple. Three blue star Ceanothus plants and two native Fuchsias’ were also planted at the area immediately above the History Wall.

Garth Rickets: We are sad to report that this gregarious and friendly neighbor passed away suddenly last fall, at the age of 57 years. Garth was a long time resident of Oroville and Lake Madrone, with deep family history in the area. He was very successful in his field of construction and frequently volunteered for work projects which benefited our community. He would often refuse reimbursement for his time and materials when working for our community. Garth’s broad smile and wonderful laugh will be deeply missed by his many friends, family members, and Lake Madrone family.

Mike (Michael) Beers: It is with deep regret that we share the news of the passing of our friend and neighbor, on December 11, 2017. Mike and his family have spent many years at Lake Madrone. Mike and his brothers were a profound part of our childhood summers and teen years at the Lake, since the 1950’s! Mike developed many close and lasting relationships over his lifetime being raised in Gridley and then moving to Carmichael during his college and adult years. His residence most recently was in Oroville. Mike was always a gentle spirit, with a kind heart, and a loyal friend to many: He will be missed. The Beers Family is hosting a “Celebration of Life” gathering at Ski Beach, 11:30am, Saturday, June 2nd, 2018. This memorial will include horseshoes and a barbeque. If you are planning to attend please contact Tim Beers at (916) 704-0839. It is very helpful to have a headcount prior to this type of activity.

Florence Fowler:  It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Florence Muccigrosso Fowler, a long time member of our Lake Madrone community.  Florence’s  father, Steve Toland, built their cabin at the end of Cedar Path in 1932. She and her identical twin, Frances, spent most of their lives at their beloved lake; hiking to the falls, horseback riding, swimming morning and night or in the snow, and even ice skating on frozen waters. They brought husbands to "Tolanda" and spent summers there with their children. Florence's children, Suzann, Michael, Stephanie and Kathleen (who passed away in May, 2017) continue to maintain "Tolanda". Her grandchildren, Todd and Thomas have the Owczarzak cabin, and Teresa has the log cabin where Grama Florence spent her later years on the deck telling stories of the "old days.” Florence would have celebrated her 100th birthday on April 6th.


Next LMWD Meeting: Saturday, March 24th, 9:30am, 2018. Location: Hodges residence (Hunt Cabin), 6 Path In the Woods, which is the circle at the top of Cedar Path.

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