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JULY 4TH WEEKEND: The community will celebrate on Saturday, the 4th, with activities and a dance.

  • 8:30am-9:45 am: Community Breakfast at Ski Beach area. Pancakes, ham and eggs, juice and coffee will be provided.  Price TBA. (Donations go toward community improvements/activities.) Patriotic dress and decoration of scooters, wagons, strollers etcetera are encouraged.
  • 10:00am  Flag Salute and sing followed by a
    o   Parade to Kiddie Beach, then
    o   Children’s Games  at the Kiddie Beach
  • 10:30   Horseshoe Tournament at Ski Beach: Signups at breakfast.
  • 3pm: Sand Castle event At Kiddie Beach.  Everyone gets a prize! All ages encouraged to play.
  • 6pm-7:45pm: Tri-tip Dinner:  Catered by the Happy Viking Restaurant owned and operated by Sabrina and Joey Federico, in Yuba City. Price TBA
  • 8pm-11:00: Dance: at Ski Beach with DJ Lenny.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND Potluck Dinner/Dance (SATURDAY, September 5th at Ski Beach.)

  • 6:30pm-7:45pm Community Potluck 
  • Each family is asked to bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to share with the community. Each family is asked to bring enough food to serve your entire group:  In this way we will have enough food for all the attendees.  Drinks are not provided so please bring drinks for your family. Water, cups, plastic ware and paper plates/napkins will be provided.
  • 8pm-11pm:  Dance with DJ Lenny.


Current Board Members for 2015:  Mike Sanford (President), Tim Beers (Vice-President), Dennis Nay (Treasurer), Jim Smith (secretary) and Jess Vickery (member).  Jess Vickery has graciously agreed to serve on the Board.  He fills the vacancy left by Roger Williams.

            ROGER WILLIAMS SERVED ON THE LMWD BOARD FOR MORE THAN 22 YEARS!!  His contributions to the district are countless!  His business sense and experience along with a fantastic sense of humor have carried the district a long way in 22 years!  Budgeting processes Roger has been able to introduce have been invaluable.  Our many, many thanks for the hundreds of hours donated to the community by Roger and his wife, Debbie.  When you see Roger, please take a moment to thank him for such a phenomenal job so very well done.                  

Pipe Repair at the Dam:  This major project was completed last fall.

            John Raymond and Scott Owens (both former board members) continue to follow up on the LMWD application for Prop 84 federal flood funds.  If awarded the grant could offset “most” or “all” of the costs of the mandatory pipe repair.  This process is moving along.      Thanks to John and Scott for their donations of time and effort in investigating this option, attending informational meetings, and working with the grant writing consultants in order to submit the application.

Drought and Water Conservation:  The drought is affecting Lake Madrone ground water to some extent.  Ground water levels in our wells are slowly dropping. The State is requiring a 25% reduction in our water use from 2013 levels. You are asked, therefore, to REDUCE your water use as much as possible and minimize yard watering. Outdoor watering is restricted to two times per week. Please repair any leaking water lines or faucets ASAP.  We achieved a measureable reduction in water usage last year.  Thanks to all residents for you efforts:  Please keep up the good work! 

Aquatic Weed Suppression:   Weed treatments will be applied as needed. Dennis Nay continues to work with our aquatic weed consultant to find a solution to the recurrent algae problem.

Annual Inlet Cleanout:  Berry Creek and Galen Creek inlets are dredged annually to prevent silt from filling up in the center of our lake.  The Board plans to do this each fall if the amount of silt present in the inlets warrants removal.


DOGS:  This is a reminder to ALL dog owners. Folks at the Lake are very sensitive about this topic!

  • Leashes are REQUIRED at the BEACHES where people are present, and when WALKING your dog.  An “off leash” area to throw a ball for your pet is the open area across from the boat ramp, also known as the pit area or the ball field, if no other people are using the space: BUT you must be able to control your animal at all times if off the leash.
  • There is low tolerance for dogs off leash during the summer months! Loose pets scare children and adults, defecate and urinate at the recreation areas, and get in fights with other dogs.  You will be challenged if your dog is not on a leash at the beach or in other public gathering areas.
  • POOP!  ALWAYS pick up droppings from your pet! Expect to be challenged if you fail to do this! We all recreate on the same beaches and love to walk around the lake.  If owners fail to pick up after their animals the place becomes gross and smelly fast: it has, and it does! Please be a good neighbor and follow the rules.

Landscaping Committee.  The History Wall and Cookout Facilities. The history wall is completed.

  • The Cookout Committee is beginning plans to further develop cookout facilities (Ski Beach area) at the end of the wall in the area behind the basketball hoop. Mike Dahl is coordinating this project.

No Bear Garbage Club.   Ron Sanford, the club President of our community garbage service, is negotiating garbage and recycling services with Recology and will keep us informed regarding price changes.  If you have questions about seasonal vs. year around service or would like to join the group please calls Ron at 589-1034.

Beware:  SWIMMERS’ ITCH has appeared annually for many years. It may occur again this summer although we haven’t had any reports of it yet this season. This annoying rash is an allergic skin reaction to certain microscopic parasites that are released from infected snails into fresh and salt water.  It is common throughout the world in lakes, ponds, and oceans and more frequently during the summer months. The small reddish pimples appear within 12 hours. The rash is itchy but not dangerous unless secondarily infected.  The parasite is in the shallow water near the shorelines so immediately towel dry off your young swimmers. If we start to hear reports of this rash occurring we will post it on the kiosks.

  • TREATMENT: DRY OFF THOROUGHLY WITH A TOWEL IMMEDIATELY AFTER GETTING OUT OF THE WATER.  Rinsing off with fresh water can work but is harder to do, and we are trying to conserve water, so the dry-off technique is best.  Some people are more sensitive to it than others.  SARNA Cream is a soothing (over-the-counter) cream that will help with the discomfort. Benadryl cream or gel will help also. The itching may last for a week or more but will gradually go away. 

Lake Madrone Bark Newsletter:  Kathy Burlington-Nay (530) 891-1574; 589-3289.

Webmaster:  Mark Singleton:  lakemadrone@lakemadrone.com

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